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We Make Tastebuds Happy

Smokedmaple's story is as unique as it's founder Dave Larlee. He is a Priest-Pitmaster. You read that correctly he is both a PRIEST and a PITMASTER.

So much of being a priest centres around hospitality. When we meet we eat used to be the church’s tag line. Smoking BBQ made catering those events easier and then suddenly friends started asking if their priest if he would smoke ribs for a party or a tailgate they were hosting.

Suddenly he found Himself, a priest getting serious about Texas BBQ albeit with a Canadian twist. The secret Fr Dave says is what happens when you glaze the meat with Maple Syrup halfway through the cook. The results are rather emotional.

Jokingly in an interview Larlee commented that "we are trying to make BBQ so good it's almost sacramental." 

Smokedmaple was started with the idea of bringing our family's’ favourite BBQ right to your home.

Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic smokedmaple has seized the opportunity to help people say thank you to frontline workers. To date we have sent 2400lbs of BBQ to those doing their part during the pandemic. To find out more why not get in touch?

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