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Empowerment Through Smoke: A Culinary Journey to Support Human Trafficking Survivors

This Thanksgiving instead of writing to you offering to smoke Turkeys and/or Brisket for your Thanksgiving celebration I’m writing to you with a different  opportunity. 

It’s an opportunity to empower those who have survived the harrowing experiences of human trafficking. You could say it is an invitation to join hands, hearts, and palates in a transformative endeavor: teaching survivors the art of smoking Texas BBQ.

The Power of Culinary Therapy

Partnering with the Treasured Vessels Foundation ( ) we will be visiting one of their safe houses for their first Texas BBQ Class. 

TVF provides safe communities that restore survivors of sexual exploitation to achieve their true potential.

Our hope is that by blessing the survivors with these classes, they will be encouraged to keep bringing their very best to the challenges they face in rebuilding their lives. 

Smoking BBQ: More Than a Skill

Smoking Texas BBQ is more than just a culinary technique—it's a tradition, a culture, and an art form. By providing survivors with the tools, training, and mentorship needed to master this craft, we don't just teach a skill; we offer them a sense of community, a passion to excel, and a trade that can potentially empower their future.

How You Can Help

We would value your prayers next week and for the work of TVF. 

If you feel so moved, financial contributions will go directly towards covering the costs of equipment, ingredients, training, and resources necessary to provide a comprehensive and impactful program. We are looking to raise $1,500.00 Every donation, no matter the size, will make a difference.

Join the Movement

The need for places to rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking is on the rise in North Texas. Together, we can make a tangible, life-changing difference. 

Join us as we play our small part in transforming lives through Texas BBQ.

Take Action Today

To contribute simply click the link below. 

Thank you for your support over the years and for being a part of the work of hope and change in these survivors' lives.

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BBQ for the Social Goood

When Covid19 struck a year ago, we saw a need for more joy in Dallas especially in the lives of our front line workers. So we started sending BBQ to frontline workers. In that year we have sent 2400lbs of bbq, two tons of ribs and brisket to those most affected in these unprecedented times. 

In many ways you could say we we have been pursuing BBQ for the social good. Covid 19 has brought so many challenges to the surface and frankly when faced with them I realized I did not have an answer to all the questions and challenges. 

But I did have access to good BBQ. So perhaps a small gesture in the gift of BBQ could encourage people leading the charge in these areas to keep bringing their very best to the challenges they are facing.


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