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A Priest and a lawyer walk into a bar...

Sounds like the start of a joke right? Well that’s what I thought as I shared my ideas on a napkin. “This sounds a bit comical”, I said “a priest opening up a BBQ catering business.“

I sketched out my thoughts - “I enjoy smoking meat and have this crazy idea that maybe we could use BBQ to bring people together.” He looked at me and responded ”don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t ask yourself what the world, or even the city needs. Instead focus on what makes you come alive and focus on it. Give it air time. Let it breathe and we’ll see what happens.”

And so two and a half years ago Smokedmaple started.

want to place an order for this weekend click here

Coming up:

We are working with a local charity putting details together to celebrate thanksgiving with the homeless in downtown dallas. More details to follow shortly. Want to find out more email us at

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