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Dallas Champions Academy

This weekend we are partnering with our friends in South Dallas at the Dallas Champions Academy.

In a pinch, they needed help with catering and nothing quite brings people together like ribs.

So to help them out we will be smoking ribs for 150 people.

The mission of the Dallas Champions Academy is to help children and youth in the under-served Southern Sector of Dallas live into their purpose and potential, flourishing educationally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dallas Texas has the highest rate of childhood poverty in the nation.

Right now in Dallas 300,000 children go to bed hungry. Poverty also impacts other areas of the lives of these children and threatens there future as:

  • Less than 10% of DISD seniors are ready for college

  • 90% of children in South Dallas have no father in the home

  • 70% of children in South Dallas report feeling unsafe in their own homes

The Dallas Champions Academy is dedicated to the flourishing of Southern Sector Youth through a dynamic summer camp, year-round mentoring, and college/career placement.

So our hope is that by doing our small part the Dallas Champions Academy will be able to bring their very best to the challenges they are facing.

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