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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

One thing so many caught in the cycle of Homeless share, is the experience of catastrophic loss of relationships. So last November we sought to bridge the relationship gap and celebrate an early thanksgiving with some of our friends.

A highlight was the sound of our guests “giggling” as they came up to be served. One guest commented “We get turkey, so much turkey! We never get Ribs! We never eat like this!.”

The event involved a lot of delicious BBQ - 150lbs of Ribs to be exact. Yes we did want to feed the hungry with good nutritious food and we also wanted to sit down and eat with them. We wanted to share a meal. "It's about making friends, and beginning to bridge the relational gap that so many face."

As November approaches we are thrilled to announce that we are going to host the event again in partnership with the Human Impact. (

We will have their guests who are homeless sit down others guests who are not homeless and together we are going to celebrate.

And maybe just maybe a relationship formed around the table at this event will be the start of a journey out of homelessness.

Thank you for all your support and for enabling Smokedmaple to play it's part at putting an end to chronic homelessness in Dallas Tx, one rib at a time.

Volunteer opportunities to follow

If you'd like to contribute and offset some of the cost - you may do so below

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