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BBQ at Christmas?

If you’re like us and you take food at WAY more than face value, then you probably consider it as much a part of Christmas as the gift-giving, song-singing, and general good time-having. If you’re also a serial host or hostess, it’s only natural to want to try something new and exciting, buck tradition, and throw a wrench in the “done” and “done some more” holiday menus of yore.

You could go Italian, sure, and try a Feast of The Seven Fishes, but good luck getting that smell out of the drapes. There’s Asian, which would be a hit no doubt, but Chinese food on Christmas feels like it already belongs to those who don’t celebrate. And I guess you could throw a Moroccan Christmas, a la Michael Scott, but if yours turns out anything like his, you’ll be the talk of the fam for all the wrong reasons.

So what’s left? How about a food style that’s long on feel-good vibes but short on formalities, has the ability – all on its own – to raise the collective spirit of an affair, AND is considered one of the only true American culinary traditions? It’s BBQ, of course...


Shopping for the person who has everything?

We all have people on our Christmas gift list who seem to have everything. Shopping for them doesn't have to be a challenge especially if you look to help them add to their BBQ repertoire...

Check out the latest gift offering from the Pit Barrel Cooker Team - here

The BBQ Guys have done all the work for us - check out their list of top BBQ Gifts for 2020. Whether you are after BBQ Gift Sets, Stocking Stuffers or BBQ Gadgets check out this curated gift guide... Read More


As Ever we'd love to do the catering for you over this Holiday Season. We are currently taking orders for Friday December 11th, 2020.

Ribs $40/rack

Pulled Pork $15/lb

Brisket $24/lb

Chicken $20/bird


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