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BBQ for the Social Good...

BBQ started as a hobby. You see I'm a priest and I never set out to have a BBQ catering business. But now that I have one, Smokedmaple I can't understand why more priests don't smoke meat.

Let me back up, I've been in Texas for 7 years working at an Anglican Church in downtown Dallas (All Saints Dallas). I was looking for a hobby. More specifically I was looking for a Texan Hobby. So I got a smoker and started smoking. Friends started coming round asking if I would smoke for them, which I did happily. I played around with the rub developing my own and one day the thought of glazing the meat with maple syrup crossed my mind. The results surprised me, the results surprised my friends while my kids were underwhelmed by it all.

Then, Two years in, Covid19 struck. At this point I've served enough ribs to know that they bring joy. I've yet to see a grumpy person eat ribs. Since March 2020 I've been sending BBQ to frontline workers twice a month. Nothing says thank you like BBQ. With your help and support we have sent over 250 lbs of BBQ to frontline workers.

You see once the pandemic hit I wanted our prices to help the Frontline more than our bottomline. Maybe this is where my priest training has come into play. I've been a priest now for 17 years and key to this line of work is blessing people. Now that I'm a Priest and a Pitboss I'm discovering just how powerful a blessing BBQ can be. We've fed first responders, doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, community leaders, carers for the homeless...the list goes on.

All this is to say Thank You. Thank you for your support, Thank you for your business. It has helped us bless so many. With your continued support we can carry on Blessing people with BBQ and pursuing BBQ for the social good.

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