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BBQ for the weekend

Looking for BBQ? We are taking orders for Friday 18th of September.

Baby Back Ribs $40/rack

Pulled Pork $15/lb

Brisket $24/lb

Smoked Chicken. $20 each


Since the beginning of COVID-19, all of us have had to learn to go without something. Our circumstances have for the most part dictated what those have been. For us it’s been the inability to see family in Person who are in Canada and the UK.

When I arrived at the Well community today in Oak Cliff with130lbs of ribs I expected to find people excited as they anticipated ribs for lunch. What I didn’t expect was what I heard from People as I spoke to them on the way in. “I haven’t had BBQ in six month” or “Ribs we’re having ribs??“ “you are treating us like royalty today!” “I haven’t had ribs in ages.” I suddenly realized that those living with severe mental health challenges, and the limitations caused by Covid19 - have gone without the things I have taken for granted.

Something as simple as a hot delicious Rib dinner had a powerful impact on the people we fed. To say it was an honor is an understatement. The story painted on their faces was sheer gratitude as they feasted with Joy.

Thank your for your business and support. It enable us to feed the hungry with good things across DFW. Every Blessing


Priest | Pitboss


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