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BBQ to bring out the Very Best

Special Projects Update

As I write, we are smoking 200lbs of our smokedmaple ribs to bless local teachers in Dallas at the start of the school year. I'd like to take credit for the idea but I can not. We were talking to the boys about the special measures schools and teachers were taking to get ready for the school year. And our 9 and 8 year old both suggested blessing the local teachers would be something we should do. Out of the mouth of children, eh? So I woke them bright and early and we've been smoking away.

As a priest I've seen first hand how powerful encouragement is. It can bring out the very best in people. In the last 6 months as we have been blessing Front Line workers with BBQ we've also seen how powerful BBQ can be in encouraging people to keep up the good work.

So as we bless these teachers at the start of an already extraordinary school year - our prayer is that they will have everything they need to continue to bring the very best to what they do.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support.

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