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Second Chances

We are mid-preparation for another special-project. This one is all about second chances.

THIS Friday we’ll be smoking 50lbs of pulled pork to support the Dignity Project in East Dallas.

Well Grounded Coffee Is not just a coffee house; they operate a non-profit called The Dignity Project. They partner with Exodus Ministries to help provide women who were formerly incarcerated a chance to change their destiny. They believe in second chances.

Their mission is to transform lives through a process of work, education, community, and faith. They create opportunities for individuals who are barely surviving in life to reach a higher level of purpose and social contribution.

This Friday we will be smoking up our signature SmokedMaple Pulled Pork to cater for an event they are hosting. We are thrilled to be able to partner with them in all they are doing!

Want to support this event? Visit this link to become a sponsor!

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