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Treats in Abundance

While we aren’t quite doing THAT this Halloween we are firing up our smokers on Friday the 30th of October and will have our usual treats up for grabs. It’s the end of the month, its getting darker, cold and wet so why not treat yourself?

Rack of Ribs - $40/rack

Pulled Pork - $15/lb

Brisket - $24/lb

Chicken - $20/bird

On a serious note I wanted to thank you for your business over these last 7 months. As you know with the arrival of Covid-19 we have been exploring how we might be able to use our BBQ to bless those affected by the pandemic and in our own little way bring a bit of joy to a difficult season.

Your business has enabled us to give away 467 racks of ribs which is a little over 1400lbs of bbq. Thank you for your continued support!

Dave Larlee

Priest | Pitboss


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